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Storeytellers and Aran Sweaters


 Storeytellers and Aran Sweaters

Storeytellers and Aran Sweaters


Ireland is famous for its long tradition of Senchaí (storyteller or a bearer of “old lore”.). From tales and exploits of Fionn mac Cúl, The Children of Lír and Queen Maeve. Irish stories have travelled the world and warmed the hearts of many. Our tradition and Irish heritage will live on through our Children with these much loved tales. The Irish are famous for stories, everything we do will have a story, we will tell you our life story with one simple word. "Hello"!. 

Many of our crafts even hold stories behind them. The beautiful Claddagh ring symbolises love, loyalty and friendship, but that's not the whole story, it's in the way you wear the ring that tells the story.  By wearing the Claddagh ring on the left hand with the heart pointing in towards your heart says you married and facing the heart outwards means your engaged. Wearing it on the right hand facing in toward your heart means your in a relationship and pointing out means you are single. The Heart is a symbol of love the hands are the symbol of friendship and the crown is the symbol of loyalty.

The Famous Aran Sweater also has many meanings behind the intricate stitches that make the Aran Sweater so special. Many Families had their own designs. They showed promise of a bountiful catch with the Basket stitch, hard workers with the honeycomb stitch, the trelis stitch symbolised the fields on the Islands which were separated by stone walls. The cable stitch represented the fisherman's ropes and the diamond stitch was the symbol of future wealth. Putting all these stitches together told the story and the wishes of islanders for there futures.

The gift of story telling will live on through the continued tradition of this Irish craft. Today our very talented designers of Irish Aran Sweaters have been dedicated to stay true to the Aran islanders and there gift of beautiful Aran sweaters will live on to be enjoyed and loved all over the World.

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