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Why Buy an Aran Sweater?

Why Buy an Aran Sweater?


Why buy an Aran Sweater?                                           Why buy an Aran Sweater?

Whether you call it an Aran Sweater or an Irish Sweater you can be sure it will be the best sweater you will buy this year.

  1. Irish Sweaters are considered a timeless piece
  2. Irish Sweaters are part of our Irish Heritage
  3. Irish sweaters are beautifully designed with intricate stitching detail
  4. Irish Sweaters are made from 100% Merino wool truly organic
  5. Irish Sweaters are made in Ireland
  6. Irish sweaters also know as Aran sweaters or fisherman's Sweaters
  7. Irish sweaters are designed to stand the test of time.

The Aran Sweater is a timeless piece for anyone's winter wardrobe, a "must have sweater". The intricate stitches have played a huge part of the Historical background to the Aran Sweater. The Aran got it's name from the Aran Islands where the Aran was linked to the Clans of the Island. The different stitches told the stories of each clan and Identified them by the stitches used.

The craftsmanship put into every sweater back then was stunning and still is. Nowadays's most of the Irish Sweaters are Machine Knit due to the huge demand for these luxurious sweaters. The intricate stitches still tell a tale to this day.

These Irish Aran Sweaters are a must have for your winter collection. Create a classic stylish look this winter. You will never regret an Aran Sweater it will last a lifetime, a true timeless piece.

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