Why I love My Ireland, My Heritage and My Irish Sweaters – Arans of Ireland

Why I love My Ireland, My Heritage and My Irish Sweaters

Why I Love My Ireland, My Heritage and My Irish Sweater

There something that resonates deep in your soul about Ireland. Whether you were born here or just visiting, this Emerald Isle has a way of enchanting you, almost wanting or begging you to stay. It’s like being still in a moment of time and all the madness around you fades into insignificance. When the misty Irish rain falls on your skin like silk and when the grey clouds surround and outline the rugged mountain tops, when the sound of the rough Irish Sea overpowers your thoughts and the smells of the Irish green grass of home fill you with joy. This to me is the fabric of Ireland that wraps around you like a blanket that nurtures and protects your mind and soul.

Many of our Ancestors left this Country for dreams of a better life, but I guarantee that they took a piece of Ireland with them. Ireland runs in your veins and pulls at your heartstrings.  When it calls you can’t resist. This is why so many of their generations have returned to their roots to explore this Island and feel the magic, to learn of their family and the life they left behind and to find the reasons for their call.

Many times I have stood on the hill of Tara and been awe at the beauty of this country, or I have been at the cliffs of Moher and felt the power of the wind and the screams of the Irish Sea. When I watch and learn about the history and the heritage of Irelands Crafts I am proud of this country legacy it have left to the world.  

One of the crafts that truly reminds me of Ireland is the Aran Sweater. It’s what’s within this Irish Sweater that encompasses everything about Ireland. From the beautiful Irish wool from our Sheep, the amazing Women who made them to the brave Fishermen that wore them. The Landscape, the talent, The People, Irish Families. The Aran Sweater is a gift to the world from Ireland.

The Intricate Aran Stitches that create the Irish sweater have been said to have many meanings and when put together call tell a story, or bring you wishes of look and good fortune.  Wearing a Irish Sweater is Like being wrapped in a little piece of Ireland, and when you have visited Ireland and been enchanted by our beautiful Island and it’s warm welcome an Irish Sweater is a great way to bring a piece of Irish Heritage home with you to remember your time at Home.


If you Wish To own Your own Little piece of Ireland then take a look at our stunning collections of Irish Sweaters. A sweater from your Irish Heritage that you will love for years to come.

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