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The History of the Aran Sweater

The History of the Aran Sweater The History of the Aran Sweater
The History of the Aran Sweater has been well documented over the years, the Irish sweater has been loved worldwide since it was discovered on the Aran Islands many years ago. The Aran sweater takes it's name from the Aran Islands themselves. The Islands are located of the west coast of Ireland. The Aran Sweaters date back many generations and are a true statement to our Irish Heritage.
The History of the Aran Sweater
Traditionally the Women on the Island would Knit the sweaters for the Islanders Fishermen. The sweaters where knit from 100% wool which would make them water resistant and would keep the fishermen warm from the cold and protect them form the sun. It has been known that many families would use there own combination of stitches which made it easy to identify there loved one if there was a tragedy at sea. These family designs where handed down from generation to generation.
The history of the Aran Sweater The History of the Aran Sweater
Over the Years the demand and popularity of the Aran sweater grew, with film stars photographed wearing the beautiful sweaters. The Islanders could not keep up with the new demand on there skills. The manufacture of the Aran Sweater was moved to the mainland where many designers recreated the Sweater's with modern designs and beautiful colours. 
Many large European designers have taken the traditional skills and inspiration from the Irish Aran sweater to create there own interpretation of Irish knitwear.
The love for the Aran Sweater and Irish Knitwear has grown in popularity worldwide and given the beautiful Irish Aran Sweater the recognition it deserves for its intricate design and timeless beauty. The Irish sweater craft has the ability to transform into stunning modern designs that every one should explore.